Text: A platform for acoustic adventures

The development environment HOERSPIEL provides a platform for interactive applications based on sounds. It allows the creation of virtual acoustic worlds for user interaction with sound objects. A special interface detects the user’s movements for controlling his avatar. HOERSPIEL can be used to realise various applications:

Innovative computer games

HOERSPIEL can create virtual reality without any visual output. The idea is to build virtual worlds through sound only, which stimulates the player’s fan-tasy and offers completely new gaming dimensions. Furthermore, it is possible to create computer games for visually handicapped people.

Sound database browser

Browsing a database can be easily done via HOERSPIEL. A user could, for example, choose music from a database in the same way he chooses a preferred stage at a music festival. To select the desired music within HOERSPIEL, the user just walks in its direction. Exploring audio information in this manner can also be used for innovative product presentations at exhibitions.

Audio guide

Museums can use the platform to build a new kind of audio guide: Visitors can easily explore meta information like sound samples by walking through a virtual version of the museum.

Rendering of HOERPIEL's event-room Icon: VideoVideo of presentation at 25th Tonmeistertagung
Icon: PDFManuscript of presentation at 25th Tonmeistertagung, Leipzig 2008 [0.2MB]
Icon: BlogWeblog: The project‘s diary (german)
Icon: PDFDiploma thesis 1.2.21 (german) [5.27MB]
Icon: PDFSynopsis 2.5.8 (german) [2.12MB]